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Return to the Thinker

I started to blog at the end of May, 2012.  The Thinker is my first blog.  At of today, I have created six blogs which are still current, and many other non-public or work-related blogs.  The reason why I like to create so many blogs is to test out different themes that WordPress provides.  I began with a theme with lots of limitations.  Then I changed the themes of my blogs several times, because there are more and more beautiful and responsive themes which I love.

My interests in different areas like food, arts, and travels, have driven me to create different blogs on different subject matters.  Today, I decided to separate all my blogs with distinct themes and subjects.

Although the Thinker is my first blog, I have neglected it for a long time.  The first theme that I used for this blog had too much limitations.  As I was inexperienced in blogging, instead of changing the theme, I changed to a new blog!  The result is that some of my readers do not know where to look for me.  I lost them, and the number of readers has become divided among all my blogs. Does it matter?  Yes, although I am not blogging for business.  I love to hear from my regular readers and learn from them.

To date, I have a foodblog which is very distinct, a travel blog with many travel photos and videos, an arts blog, a travel blog of Turkey and Greece (a joint-effort with my friend), and a wellness blog.  So, what is the purpose of the Thinker?

The Thinker has learned so much from other fellow bloggers, that I want to play host to my blogger friends by inviting them to be my guest writer, or simply reblogging their wonderful and inspirational posts.  Although this reblgging model is not new, I am starting to make this blog exclusive to keep altogether the interesting posts written by my blogger friends.

To celebrate my return to the Thinker, I just reblogged two exceedingly thought-provoking and inspiring posts from my friends Clanmother and Musiqdragonfly.

The Salt March

Seaweed Gatherers-1889, in a Wasteland-21st century

Be inspired!

One comment on “Return to the Thinker

  1. Clanmother
    April 6, 2013

    Looking forward to your posts – very interested in what will follow!!!

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