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Bridging Economy, Energy, Employment, Environment

Very interesting. Love to red more about Bhutan. I am reblogging your post to my blog. Thanks.

bhutan chronicles

I’ve been spending the past few weeks in meetings and reading up on Bhutan’s current and future investments. The situation here a little different than other countries for a few reasons, including the high amount of hydroelectric electricity sales to India, low growth in job-creating sectors and complicated FDI policies (despite ambitions and delusions of openness). This post captures a few initial reactions to what I’ve been learning.

Building on the country’s specific needs, any future investment should be assessed in terms of four E’s: Economy, Energy, Employment and Environment. While the first two, Economy and Energy are already fairly well mapped out, the latter two require increased attention. How many jobs can be created by? What is the potential environmental benefit or damage? How can leading practice mitigate potential risks?

  • ECONOMY – The economic benefit of Bhutan’s energy sales is much more complex than just cash in for energy…

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