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My Blogs …all had a “Facelift”! I am saying goodbye to the “Thinker”!

Dear friends:

After nearly five months of blogging, and having started six active blogs and some private ones, I have learned a lot from my fellow blogger friends, and from WordPress.  When I first started, this blog “from curiosita to…” was my first blog, and it had automatically become my primary blog.  As this was my first attempt in blogging, I did not realize that the theme that I chose, called “thirteen”  was very beautiful, but it was too limited in its framework.  It was too small and narrow for me to post pictures etc.  Therefore I started all the other blogs trying to find out which theme best meets my needs.  I have been using my other blog “My Notebook” a lot and would only use this one to reblog some interesting posts.  I also reblog my own posts from the other blogs, thinking that my followers of this blog may also be interested in those posts.

Last night, I had a complete makeover of most of my blogs, with a “facelift” to all of them, including this one.  I have changed all their themes.  The themes I am using now are simpler, and less colorful, in order to highlight the pictures I posted.  This is in response to the newly released tiled galleries by WordPress which are very helpful in posting pictures.

Then I realized that I never really wrote on this blog except two posts, but yet this blog which was my primary blog, has the highest number of followers!  Although I am not interested to use blogging as a social networking tool, the reality is that if more readers are interested in reading my blogs, I am more motivated to post, and more likely to improve.  As I said in my Thinker post, learning is my primary goal in blogging.  Learning has to be fun for me.  Otherwise, there is no satisfaction. Therefore, it is my decision today, to switch over to My Notebook as my primary blog.  I noticed that only a few followers of this blog are really following, because I did not really write on this blog!

To blog or not to blog….on this blog. That is the question!

Unless I hear more from anyone of you about using this blog, I think my attention is to turn to My Notebook.  I will continue to reblog some interesting posts to this blog.  But it is no longer my primary blog.  WordPress will not direct readers to this blog, I believe.

I am saying goodbye to the “Thinker”, although I really love the title of this blog, “from curiosita to…”.  I hope to see you all in my other blogs!

My Notebook

Food for Thought

Falling in love with Art Nouveau

Healthy and Happy

Exploring Turkey and Greece

Sincerely yours,


One comment on “My Blogs …all had a “Facelift”! I am saying goodbye to the “Thinker”!

  1. eof737
    November 15, 2012

    Wise move… 🙂

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