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Pass the Sweetness…Super Sweet Blogging Award


Pass the Sweetness…Super Sweet Blogging Award

                            The Super Sweet Blogging Award!


1. Give credit to the wonderful person who chose to nominate you.

I would like to thank Cynthia who is a lovely lady that kindly nominated me for this “Super Sweet Blogger Award”

It is a pleasant surprise for me.  Afterall I  have only started to blog for 3 months!  It is an honor, Cynthia.  Your post of “mesmerizing paintings of Krishna, II” has attracted me to view your blog.  The paintings of the beautiful Indian epicMahabharata are amazing.  As art is my passion, I naturally follow you!

2. Answer the “Super Sweet” questions.

      Super Sweet Questions

1.  Cookies or Cake?  

Answer: Both!  It also depends what type of cookies and cakes.  Alright, if I have to choose one…

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2 comments on “Pass the Sweetness…Super Sweet Blogging Award

  1. getsetandgo
    December 28, 2012

    Hey, I love reading your blog and have nominated you for The Illuminating Blogger Award! Please check out my blog for details, post the award on your sidebar and spread the love to some of your favorite bloggers!

    • friendlytm
      December 28, 2012

      What a nice year-end gift! That’s so much. It is my honor to accept your nomination.

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