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Top 10 art museums, in my humble opinion

I would like to comment on your top 10 . Congrats!


Every time I travel, which has only been domestically, I try to visit a local art museum, gallery or exhibit. Viewing art, not just photography, is one of my favorite pastimes. Luckily I have people in my life that share my love of art as well.  I’d like to take this opportunity to share my favorites with you all. (Disclaimer: I haven’t been to New York, therefore the Met isn’t on my list yet)

My top ten favorite exhibits/museums:

1) The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Ill.

The Art Institute of Chicago in my opinion the quintessential art museum and it happens to be the very first art museum I visited in my life; for that reason it holds a dear place in my heart.  With art like Seurat’sSunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte and my favorite Thorne Miniature Rooms the Art Institute is a…

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3 comments on “Top 10 art museums, in my humble opinion

  1. Stephanie Grumbeck
    July 21, 2012

    Thank you so much for the reblog and the support, it was a wonderful surprise to be “freshly pressed!” I haven’t been to NYC and that is why I haven’t included them. I will check out the post about DAM. Cheers!

  2. friendlytm
    July 21, 2012

    I love to visit art museums too wherever I go. Your post has stimulated my interest in writing about all my past visits to those museums. Keep up your passion and interest! Thanks for sharing.

    • Stephanie Grumbeck
      July 21, 2012

      Thanks! I was only in Denver for a short period of time so I didn’t make it to DAM, next time I am there I will definitely check it out. Look forward to reading your posts about your visits as well.

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