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I am curious! Are you?

MoMA Mia

MOMA is also one of my favorite museums.

The Maxology

I love museums. Actually, let me be more specific. I love science museums. For me, going into a science museum is like entering Dexter’s laboratory. (For those who don’t know what Dexter’s Laboratory is, your childhood is incomplete.) Or in other words, it’s like stepping into a rocket scientist’s messy apartment with all kinds of experiments going on at the same time.

Science museums were always interactive and “educational”. I learned how to make giant bubbles, played a fragmented song by slapping the openings of pipes with different lengths, watched a 3D movie about space, ran around like a crazy dog off the leash to the next experiment display, and whispered into a large disk which bounced my voice to another disk at the other end of the room. The activities go on forever, unfortunately I forgot many of them. (Looks like I’ll have to make a trip to the…

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